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Revivv For Her 3 Month Hair Rejuvenation Serum

Revivv For Her 3 Month Hair Rejuvenation Serum

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Includes: 3 Month Supply (2 Bottles) Of REVIVV® for Her Hair Rejuvenation Serum

REVIVV for Her is a dermatologist-recommended , patent-pending topical formula that has been developed to support thicker, healthier, and fuller looking hair.

Our team of doctors and scientists formulated REVIVV with high-grade natural ingredients to target the key aggravators of hair thinning.

REVIVV for Her has been optimized with ingredients specifically for women. For men, we recommend REVIVV for Him.

REVIVV was developed for use as a standalone product but can be used in combination with other products.

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We worked tirelessly to create the best formulation for you, for us. The proof is in the results.

How long does it take for REVIVV® to work? REVIVV starts working immediately.

REVIVV starts working immediately. Most people start to notice benefits after about 1-2 months of consistent use.  Your scalp will typically start to feel better and you may start to notice the presence of peach fuzz (baby hairs).  Stay on course and over the next few months, you will be on your hair health journey.  Individual results may vary.


  • How long does it take for REVIVV® to work?

    Most people start to see a benefit from as early as 6-8 weeks of consistent use.  In some people it may take several months to notice a benefit.  Stay on course and over the next few months you will be on your hair growth journey.  Individual results may vary. 

  • How long does one bottle last?

    Depending on the area treated and the frequency of application, one roller bottle ofREVIVVtypically lasts for 6-8 weeks. Remember to liberally apply twice a day and ensure the scalp and roots are covered well.

  • What if I stop using it?

    If you stop using the product, over time, it is very possible that your hair will go back to its original state.  Much of our knowledge is based on older drugs and we are just learning about the profile of Revivv, a drug-free, safe alternative.

  • Where should I apply it?

    Apply directly on areas of the scalp affected by thinning hair. Adjacent scalp areas should also be treated as they are likely prone to thinning, even if it’s not yet visible.  Some customers report the best results when applying Revivv to their entire scalp.

  • When should I apply it?

    Liberally apply topical serum two times daily. Ensure the scalp and roots are covered well. Serum may be massaged into the scalp for better absorption. For long hair, part and apply in sections.

  • How do you apply to long hair?

    You should separate hair into sections to apply the topical serum and follow the directions above.

  • Is it ok to apply REVIVV before bed and lay my head on a pillow?

    Yes, simply wait a few minutes before going to sleep. The serum is clean and clear and does not leave a messy residue.

  • Will REVIVV mess up my already styled hair?

    REVIVV will not mess up already styled hair. We recommend applying REVIVV before using styling products.

  • Is REVIVV safe for use during pregnancy?

    REVIVV is an all-natural, drug free, topical option to support healthy hair. However as many women take other prenatal vitamins it is important to speak to your physician to obtain appropriate medical guidance regarding what might be right for you.

  • Can Revivv be used with other products?

    REVIVV was developed for use as a standalone product. REVIVV may also be used in combination with other products.

  • Can REVIVV be used on the face to grow facial hair?

    Yes, the science supports the use of REVIVV to support hair health for patchy beards.

    We are in the process of generating more clinical data and hope to share the results soon.







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