The Revivv 180-Day Hair Transformation Journey - Money Back Guarantee

If you're unsatisfied with the results, we'll provide a refund.

Results may differ; some individuals may experience rapid improvement, while others may notice progress more gradually. If the product is used as instructed for a period of 180 days, you'll be eligible for our 180-Day Guarantee

Revivv 180-Day Guarantee Requirements

1. Subscribe to the Revivv Routine for 6 months.

2. Use Revivv serum and scalp massager twice a day and the derma roller twice a week as noted in the Best Results Guide below.

3. Email our CEO Dr. Sanjay Batra at within one week of placing your order with a brief description of your hair situation and include a photo of your problem area(s).

4. Email three months into your journey with thoughts on your results and include a photo of your problem area(s).

5. Email 180 days into your journey with thoughts on your results and include a photo of your problem area(s) evidencing no progress.

6. Once your claim is confirmed, please ship your product back. Please note, you will need to handle the shipping costs. Upon receipt, we will issue you a refund.

Best Results Guide

The REVIVV® Dermaroller

Designed to improve your results.

Contains 225 stainless steel needles at 0.25 mm depth to stimulate hair follicles

Increases absorption of the REVIVV® Hair Rejuvenation Serum.

REVIVV® Hair Rejuvination Serum

Contains a custom blend of natural vitamins and minerals that are shown to support fuller, healthier-looking hair for men and women.

Men and women lose hair for different reasons and that is why we have specific formulas for both.

Both are scientifically formulated and dermatologist tested.

Stimulating Scalp Massage

Featuring bristles that stimulate the scalp and boost scalp health.

Provides both an exhilarating scalp massage and a relaxing experience. Ideal for all hair types.

Can be used on a dry scalp, or to work in conjunction with your favorite products!


Use the serum and scalp massager TWICE A DAY.

The roller should be used no more than twice a week as part of a 3-step routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are included in the guarantee?

The guarantee requires purchasing a 6-month supply of the Revivv Routine for Him or Her, which includes the derma rollers and scalp massager. Since the Revivv Routine for Him or Her is sold as a 3-month supply, we require a subscription for a 6-month period.

How will I know if my order is included in the guarantee?

Orders placed after February 19, 2024, that follow the requirements defined on this page are eligible. The guarantee is limited to one 180-day result assessment per customer.

How many photos are required?

The guarantee requires a photo of the problem area(s) to be submitted so we can assess results one week after purchase, three months after purchase, and 180 days after purchase. Refer to our results page for examples.

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180-Day Money Back Guarantee